affpanda Features

Build your store in under 5 minutes.

Sell products and subscriptions

Add and sell products or content you create no matter if it’s a t-shirt, a digital file or a subscription.

  • Digital products of all types

    Sell ebooks, videos, audio & music, and any other files like PSD, AI and many more

  • Physical products

    Sell t-shirts, art, merchandise, or any other product that requires shipping

  • Subscriptions

    Create subscription products and charge your customers on a daily, monthly or yearly basis

Beautiful storefront in 5 minutes

SaleMe stores have a clean and beautiful look that's easy to customize for anyone.

  • Customization

    Add your logo, change colors and create the layout you want to match your brand

  • Custom domain

    Add your own domain to strengthen your brand and make the store more discoverable

  • Shopping cart

    Earn more by allowing your customers to purchase multiple items at once. Works on your Sellfy store or as an embed on your website

  • Store Language

    Talk to your customers in their language. You can choose your store language or let let your customers see a translated version of your store interface based on their location

  • Optimized for mobile devices

    We offer mobile optimized stores and a flawless checkout experience for both desktop and mobile

Payment options you can trust

Use PayPal or Stripe to accept payments from customers around the world.

  • PayPal

    Use PayPal and accept payments from customers in more than 200 countries

  • Stripe

    Offer a credit card payment option on your store using Stripe

Built-in marketing features

Use our advanced built-in marketing features and connect with other apps your want.

  • Email marketing

    Send product updates to existing customers and collect newsletter subscribers on your store

  • Upsell & Discounts codes

    Use discount codes and product upsells to engage with customers and increase your sales

  • Tracking pixels

    Add Facebook and Twitter ad pixels to create ads for your store and track their performance

Powerful analytics

See which products have been sold the most and where the buyers came from.

  • Track the best performing products

    See how much revenue you generate from each product and your overall store performance

  • Analyse traffic channels

    See what channels or websites bring the most purchases and revenue

  • See top locations

    Analyse which countries bring you the most sales and where you should focus your marketing efforts

Connect with the tools you use

Enhance your store and automate the selling process with more than 1,000 tools

  • Embed audio and video files

    Show an interactive preview of your product. Easily embed YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud directly to your product page.

  • Use Zapier to connect your favorite apps

    Connect with more than 1,000+ apps to streamline your sales, marketing, and customer management process

  • Facebook Live Chat

    Add Facebook Chat widget on your store and talk to your customers directly

Secure transactions and anti-fraud protection

We'll help to keep your files and sensitive information safe

  • Secure payments

    Buyers' payment information is handled by trusted payment processors.

  • PDF stamping

    Automatically add buyer's email address to every page of your PDF product file so that each customer gets a uniquely marked file

  • Limited downloads

    Prevent buyers from sharing your product files online by issuing unique download links with limited download attempts